Frequently Asked Questions


When do you start taking application information for the following year?

Beginning October 17th and usually until late November.

When can I expect to receive the actual application?

Applications are emailed once you have scheduled an information session (held in December and early January).

I contacted the Toddler Center in October, and I didn’t hear anything back. What should I do?

We contact families beginning in November to schedule a required information session.  If you haven’t heard from us by late November, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I can’t come to any of the information sessions. Can I still apply?

The information sessions are required for all applying parents.  We hold several sessions in December and January so parents have an opportunity to attend.  Only one parent needs to attend.

How do you decide whom to take at the Toddler Center?

Our decisions are based on multiple factors. Priority (although not a guarantee) is given to returning families and employees of Barnard College.  Based on the research conducted here and the education of college students, we take an even number of boys and girls, and have an age distribution within each class.  In addition, we strive for a diverse group of toddlers for each class.

Is financial assistance available? If I apply for financial assistance, will I be at a disadvantage in applying?

We are committed to making the Toddler Center affordable for parents from a range of economic situations. Parents are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance and we are fortunate to be able to provide discounts to nearly 35% of our families.  Decisions are made based on information from an application and recent tax returns. Tuition assistance does not factor into acceptance at the Toddler Center.

How much does it cost to send my child to the Toddler Center?

Tuition is set on a yearly basis.  Because we offer tuition assistance, families pay what they are able to afford based on income and other factors.  We don’t want tuition costs to deter any parent who is thinking of applying to the Toddler Center program.  Apply and we will work with you as best we can.


When can I come to visit the Toddler Center?

As part of our application process, prospective parents will come to observe a class in late January/early February. Days and times for these observations will be given explained when you come to an information session.

Do I need to schedule a visit?

All visits to the Toddler Center are scheduled and all visitors will sign in. For prospective parents, your visit will be noted as part of our application process and are only possible once you have attended an Information Session.  

Is there anything else I should know about visiting?

When you arrive, wait until all of the children have entered the classroom (after 9:45 or 1:45) before you enter the observation room. There should be no children in the hallway when you’re coming or leaving  (children don’t know about our observation room).  You will leave the observation room before the children have finished class.

Food, drinks, and cell phones are all prohibited inside the observation room.  Be sure cell phones are turned off—for texting, messages or calls.  Photographing/video taping of any kind is not permitted.  And please use your phone sparingly in the hallway, as we share the floor with academic departments and classrooms at Barnard.