The “toddler whisperer” breaks down the importance of children at work.

Toddler Center Director Dr. Tovah Klein will speak from her new book where she addresses how ages 2-5 set the foundation for successful children and adults and what parents can do to crack the toddler code.  Her key research and firsthand work with thousands of toddlers explains why the toddler brain is best suited to laying the foundation for resilience, self-reliance, self-regulation, and empathy and how these skills develop through daily routines and interactions with children.  


In celebrating 40 years of the Toddler Center, Dr. Klein will redlect on what toddlers and children need today, how that is similar or different from what they needed 40 years ago, and the lessons learned at the Toddler Center that can be carried throughout a lifetime.




Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Lefkowitz Professor of Psychology and director of the Infant and Language Laboratory at Temple University, explores the relationship between play and learning, debunking the myth that they are incompatible.


As part of the Barnard Center for Toddler Development’s 40th anniversary celebration, Rosemarie Truglio, vice president of education and research for Sesame Workshop, discusses the pros and cons of introducing children to digital media.

“They have no sense of what time or day it is, so a routine is the only way they know what's going on," says Tovah Klein, director of the Barnard College Toddler Center in New York City. "It helps them feel safe and secure when they're going through such huge developmental changes."

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